Terrain Packs

The chassis is the backbone of the caravan, and it is designed to accommodate the weight distribution of your layout of choice and also to match the type of suspension. So, we custom make each chassis in-house using Australian steel to match the layout and the specs.


Caravan suspension is designed to withstand terrain, provide stability, ride comfort and protect the caravan’s structural integrity.  As an Australian Owned and Operated business, we know the importance of using Australian-made suspension systems that are designed and engineered to handle the ever-challenging Aussie terrain. That’s why we partner with industry leaders to provide quality components for your comfort and safety on the road.


Australia's leader in all-terrain towing technology.


Easily take on the most challenging terrains while delivering comfort and handling.


Leading innovator and supplier of towing and suspension solutions.

One size does not fit all. Whether you like touring our beautiful country, want to tackle roads with a bit more grit, or experience the ultimate in outback freedom in off-road caravaning, there is something for everyone in the 4 terrain packs we have on offer.

Terrain Pack 1: Touring

This pack is ideal for touring around the vast Australia on sealed roads. The ever-reliable leaf spring suspensions are lightweight and low maintenance.

Terrain Pack 2: Semi-Off Road

Semi-off road suspension kit from Alko is a lightweight trailing arm suspension designed for comfort, control and durability in semi off-road conditions including bitumen, graded dirt roads and corrugated roads for long distances at low speed.

Terrain Pack 3: Off Road Coil

TuffRide off road coil independent suspension enables you to easily take on the most challenging of terrains while delivering comfort and handling when most required.

Alko Enduro X, Cruismaster XT, Cruisemaster ATX and DO45 options are available.


Terrain Pack 4: Off Road Air

The Cruismaster ATX airbags is the ultimate offroad suspension. ATX suspension is built for a lifetime of adventures. When coupled with disc breaks, ATX will provide a towing comfort you have never experienced before

Alko Enduro X, Cruismaster XT, Cruisemaster ATX and DO45 options are available.