Why Buy Wonder Roo

Our caravans are proven design and manufactured for Australian conditions. The durability of the caravan frame define the longevity of the caravan. We want to give the most durable backbone to our high-end caravans, so our TIG welded aluminium frames are bolted together, and also bolted through to the chassis to create a strong structure resulting in most durable caravans in the market.


There are many ways to manufacture caravan frames. Stapled Meranti timber or CNC plywood (Wonder Roo bronze grade), riveted C-channels, and fiberglass sandwich panels are some of the cheaper and quicker ways to manufacture caravans. Riveted joints create high-stress points of the joining point, consequently they are susceptible to stress cracking. Also, the typical riveted frames lack the strength required for the caravan roof. Caravans with riveted walls need a fiberglass sandwich panel roof or a welded aluminium roof. 



We found that the most durable way to make a caravan frame is with aluminium box sections (SHS and RHS) that are joined with  tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. TIG welding is a gas shielded welding process and is one of the fusion welding processes. As Aluminium has a lower melting temperature than most metals, TIG welding allows for control over the level of heat applied to the metal to create high quality, clean welds with stable connections. TIG welding is a specialist skill and an expensive and time consuming way to manufacture caravan frames. Long welds spread the stress along the full thickness of the frame and does not create high stress points similar to riveted frames. TIG Welded aluminium frames offer the rigidity and tolerance levels for challenging off road conditions. For durability, there are no better way to make frames other than TIG welded box section aluminium frames as the are less likely to develop structural issues.

Alu Frame

Also, our caravans are

  • RVSA approved, ADR compliant and tough tested

  • Industry leading after care with Australia wide warranty coverage

  • TIG welds can be done by highly skilled welders only. It is the most effective and durable method to join aluminium

  • Strongest aluminium frame option with 25mm box section aluminium frame with XPS structural reinforcing insulation

  • Budget friendly standard 20mm thick box section aluminium frame

  • Customisation beyond just changing colours.

    • Custom layouts

    • Modification to furniture

    • Range of accessories, appliances to choose from

  • We don’t use weak C-channels in our caravans.

    • Weak C-channels excessively flex

    • Appliances and most of the components in the caravan can’t flex

    • Excessive flexing adversely affect the appliances and component in the caravan

  • We only use structural silicon to seal the caravan)

    • High performance

    • High dynamic Movement Capacity

    • flexible and durable elastomeric sealant

    • Excellent U.V. Stability and long life reliability

  • Nyloc nut and bolted aluminium frame sections (no weak screwed aluminium frame joints)

  • Wall sits on a Z-channel on the chassis and the frame is nut and bolted to the chassis

  • In house design and build (from chassis to final product) allow greater control over the manufacturing process so you don’t need to deal with different manufacturers (e.g. chassis, furniture)

    • Consistency of product quality

    • Heavy duty chassis made using high quality Australian steel

    • furniture is CNC-cut and fits together with interlock joins that are glued and screwed